Cullmann 25 years due to losses run lasted 6 million profit industry months

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !
As the backbone of the economy, how to increase productivity kalakarakhanale when regular power is an example that is shown in Udaipur cement factory. The government has started a factory in the industry for the first time in 25 years in January 6 million has earned a profit of Rs. The news we have taken today are Annapurna.

10 years, 50 to three hundred tons of cement daily two hundred and has been producing electricity for 24 hours and received one and a half months due to recent 6 rounds 7 hundred tons of cement daily production is doing. According to this daily production of 14 thousand to 50 sacks of cement. "We are getting a half months, consecutive power, the industry has not stopped one day ', the factory manager surendrakumara annapurnasita Poudel said," During this period, 10 to 15 million in sales. "
According to Poudel, General Electric factory in the past month and a half million due to a loss of Rs napaekai was vyahordai.

Electricity Authority Executive Director Kulman Ghishing government industries to operate at full capacity after regular power supply industry, productivity increased by a hundred and 58 point 8 percent general Poudel said. "Four days, five times the lights went jhyapa-jhyapa," Poudel said, 'Now, 24 hours supply, production has not stopped. "

This fiscal year, the factory had a regular supply of electricity throughout the year to profit Poudel said. Consolidated loss of over Rs three billion factory every year a loss of Rs 30 crore was vyahordai. Two billion government loan to pay the rest of the factory to the government for 15 years has not been any money to pay interest. "If the government to pay interest within a year will be able to continue production," he said.

Daily 9 hundred tons of factory production and further maintenance of the tendering process for the railtrack.

January 2 million sacks of cement (10 thousand, two hundred and 50 tonnes) produced against the target of three million 25 thousand sacks of produce to the factory, according to succeed. During the same period the previous year produced only one million 50 thousand sacks Poudel said.

Power had to be used for the production of clinker due to the factory koilabapata around Rs 80 million has been saved on a monthly basis. After about an hour of electricity saved a ton of coal. 6 MW of electricity daily consumption of the factory in the evening only two and a half megawatts of electricity has been consumed. NEA other industry has been shedding daily for seven hours
भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

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