The cabinet on Monday approved the policy public ceremony

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !
Government to buy 21 varsamunikale wines subtle 'national liquor regulation and control policy "is brought. The cabinet on Monday approved the policy public ceremony, marriage, utsavalagayatama alcohol is forbidden.

Today's news is of Kantipur public bodies, including the government, not only the program will be held on banning the use and drug prohibition policy is mentioned as the delivery is complete. 5 to 7 pm at the morning policy purchasing and selling alcohol to the provision of retail. Retail wine kinnele liters a day for a minimum purchase even more is restricted.

The public sector and karyasthalanajika alcohol production and sales are not allowed to distribute the policy. Public, educational, tourism, sports, entertainment places, certain religious, archaeological, historical landmarks, and other places the government deems necessary to alcohol production, sales distribution and consumption of the forbidden zone is to set the arrangement will be. Minimum 75 per cent of bottles of liquor that causes cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease, etc these pictures 'alcohol consumption is harmful to health' is to be such a warning message. Similarly, the last date the bottle of alcohol consumption and its gunastarasameta is to be mentioned.

Print, electronic media, the Internet, email, hoarding Board and any media or manner of alcohol production, distribution and consumption of sales promotion, marketing the provision policy has been. Such information, image, message, content, advertising, sponsorship, not only news publication and broadcast work is also prohibited. Movie policy, Sarrkkar, drama, such as audio-visual programs to use any manoranjanatmakarasamacaramulaka or prayojanatmaka or brand, logo and other identity that reflects the performance of alcohol promotion or advertising or publicity has even forbidden.

'Alcohol policy in the law implementation, monitoring and taking action at local level a separate structure and sanjalasameta will be built,' Health Gagan Thapa, the Post said, "This policy applies through alcohol control when non-communicable diseases will be Mortality and Health Assembly a significant reduction has come. 'Kidneys, heart, liver diseases and non-communicable diseases like cancer treatment have to spend billions every year, he said that "for the temporary benefits of alcohol, cigarette tax has come to reaching the end position should give more importance. Alcohol and tobacco tax according to the government as it is to bear more of the cost of treating the disease is. "Worldwide 20 3 9 years age group, 25 per cent of the total de@ath when wine is the World Health Organization (WHO) 's statistics also said.

The draft law for the implementation of this policy has been to make the bad start. According to Health Minister Thapa, about a month delivered to the legal system of the parliament, said Thapa. Purchase sale of alcohol consumption for pregnant women and even policy is forbidden. Similarly, women and children were forced to feed the rationing of alcohol is mentioned. No alcohol production company policy, the quality of alcohol produced from consumers to serious health problems or de@ath if the manufacturer has a certified production and sales distribution system has been bharaine embargo additional ksatipurtisameta. Heart, liver and harmful consumption of alcohol was the root cause of various types of cancer due to the government policy to control this wine is brought.

According to WHO, 33 million de@aths worldwide every year because of alcohol is harmful utilization. This number would be around 5.9 per cent of overall mortality. Harmful alcohol use and i!njury of two hundred and disease condition factor. 5.1 percent of the global disease and i!njury where alcohol is considered responsible.
भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

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