BIGGEST Mistakes You’ve Been Making Your Entire Life -

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

# 1 Doing Your Laundry
Your laundry is probably full of fecal matter, and if you don’t do your laundry, correctly you’ve been mistakenly filling all your clothes and washing machines in fecal matter. Your undergarments can have residual fecal matter and washing them with all the rest of your loads can cover your clothes in that fecal matter and transferring your wet laundry into the dryer can cover your hands in the fecal matter too. You have to do your underwear separately and should run your white clothes with a bunch of bleach to kill the germs in your washing machine.

# 2 Brushing your Teeth
Rancid breath can be very off-putting, and the cavities and bacteria that build up in your mouth can lead to gum disease and tooth loss, so it’s probably good that we all learned to brush our teeth vigorously every day. New studies show that over-brushing can actually be harmful to your oral health, not necessarily beneficial. Brushing your teeth after every meal can damage your teeth because eating weakens the enamel and then brushing after that harms them more. You should instead brush your teeth away from your meal times to make sure you don’t do any damage to them.

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

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