10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

When Dole Japan announced it would be sell its Gokusen banana for $6 each for one day only (May 9) at the Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku, everybody’s reaction pretty much was, “OMG, those are some fancy-ass bananas.” The fruit, developed using the best characteristics from more than 100 bananas and grown 500 meters above sea level, came in special boxes and equipped with serial numbers.

But this isn’t the first time Japan’s gone fruit crazy. In fact, the country has an long history of luxe fruit. In Tokyo, the luxury fruit boutique Sembikiya sells everything from $3-a-piece strawberries to $212 square watermelons. But Sembikiya and the Gokusen banana are only the tip of the absurdly-expensive-fruit iceberg. Here are eight fruits around the world that make a $6 banana look like, well, just a banana.

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

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