Santosh Pant’s Son undergoes $@x change treatment

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

The youngest son of popular comedian Santosh Pant, Pratik, has changed his gender to female. According to, the 19-year-old, who’s currently residing in Bangkok, underwent hormone replacement treatment for trans women. Because of the procedure, he now looks completely like a girl. So much so that in his first attempt, he was even denied of a visa to Bangkok by the Thai embassy in Kathmandu.

The site further says Pratik has always behaved like a girl growing up even before the treatment. He is now waiting for his sex reassignment surgery and if it turns out to be successful, he will probably be the first transgender of the country. It is learnt that Pratik is in his late teen and lives in Dhumbarahi Height of Kathmandu. From his early childhood, he is learnt to have followed girl-like activities. Although he looks like a girl, infact, naturally he is a boy. But undergoing sex change surgery, now, he has become a real girl.
Initially, he started to use hormone which help to develop female organs and now he has finally succeed to look like a girl. His breast has increased. Likewise, in the upper side of his left breast, he has tattooed like actress Karishma Manandhar. Although, he resembles with girl externally, till now his sex organ is of male. But this situation will not stay for long; he has now left for Bangkok to alter his male sex organ to female.
According to his family source, when he tried to go Bangkok for the first time, embassy denied to provide visa due to his dual nature only after his second attempt he is learnt to have found visa.
If his operation went well and return Nepal, he will probably be the first Nepali to change sex organ formally.

भिडियो सहित हेर्नुहोस !

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